Commercial Partial Demolition Services Spokane, MT


Commercial Partial Demolition Services Spokane, MT

If you’re looking for reliable commercial partial demolition services in Spokane, MT, look no further than Local Demo. Unlike other demo companies that may make grandiose claims, we have a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and producing high-quality results. With numerous successful demolition projects, we’re confident in our ability to provide top-notch services. 

Allow our knowledgeable and experienced team to manage all the nitty-gritty aspects of your demolition project, leaving you free to concentrate on the next steps. Whether dismantling concrete foundations and driveways or gutting commercial interiors, we have the necessary skills and equipment to accomplish the job safely and efficiently.

Our Commercial Partial Demolition Services Spokane, MT

At Local Demo, we offer a full range of partial demolition services to meet the needs of your commercial project. Our services include

  • Interior demolition: Removing partitions, ceilings, flooring, and other interior structures to create open spaces and reconfigure commercial properties.
  • Exterior demolition: Removing portions of walls, roofs, and other exterior structures to create new openings and update the appearance of buildings.
  • Structural demolition: Removing load-bearing walls and columns and reinforcing existing structures to create new layouts and support new construction.
  • Concrete demolition: Breaking up and removing concrete slabs, foundations, and retaining walls for new construction or landscaping.
  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling: Make precise cuts and holes in concrete structures to accommodate new installations or renovations.
  • Selective demolition: Removing specific parts of a structure while preserving the rest of the building.
  • Equipment removal: Safely removing and disposing of heavy machinery and equipment from commercial properties.
  • Hazardous material removal: Identifying and removing hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead, and mold, from commercial properties.
  • Debris removal and disposal: Collecting and disposing of all demolition waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Emergency demolition: Providing rapid response and safe demolition services in the event of structural damage, fire, or other emergencies.


Why Choose Local Demo?

Local Demo is committed to providing the highest quality services at competitive prices. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle all types of partial demolition projects, regardless of size. We also prioritize safety, using only the latest equipment and techniques to complete every job safely and efficiently.

  • Consultation and planning: We provide expert advice and planning services to ensure that partial demolition projects are carried out smoothly and efficiently.
  • License and insurance: We are fully licensed and insured to carry out commercial demolition projects, ensuring our company and clients are protected from accidents or damage.
  • Advanced equipment: We have access to the latest and most advanced demolition, concrete cutting, and drilling equipment to ensure that projects are carried out efficiently and safely.
  • Safety record: We have a proven track record of completing demolition projects safely and without incident.
  • Environmental awareness: We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, such as minimizing waste and properly disposing of hazardous materials.
  • Customer service: Our commitment to customer service is a top priority. We provide clear communication, timely updates, and responsive support throughout demolition.
  • Reputation and references: We have a positive reputation in the industry and are proud to provide references from satisfied clients who can attest to our quality of work.

Contact Local Demo today to schedule a consultation for your partial demolition needs, and we’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your project. For commercial demolition services in Spokane, MT, and the surrounding area, please call our team at (406) 595-0227.  

Commercial Partial Demolition Services Spokane, MT

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